Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 2, 2010 Rhode Island General Election

Rhode Island

Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
US House of Representatives
US Representative District 1
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Kenneth A. Capalbo - I
David N. Cicilline - D
John J. Loughlin, II - R
Gregory Raposa - IV
US Representative District 2
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James R. Langevin - D
John O. Matson - I
Mark S. Zaccaria - R
Governor and Lieutenant Governor
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Kenneth J. Block - R
Frank T. Caprio - D
John F. Robitaille - R
Lincoln D. Chafee - I
Joseph M. Lusi - I
Ronald Algieri - I
Todd Giroux - D
Lieutenant Governor
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Elizabeth H. Roberts - D
Robert P. Venturini - I
Robert J. Healey, Jr. - I
Rhode Island Statewide Offices
General Treasurer
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Gina M. Raimondo - D
Kernan F. King - R
Attorney General
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Christopher H. Little - I
Peter F. Kilmartin - D
Erik B. Wallin - R
Keven A. McKenna - D
Robert E. Rainville - I
Secretary Of State
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A. Ralph Mollis - D
Catherine Terry Taylor - R
Referendums and Ballot Measures
1. Amendment To The Constitution Of The State (Changing The Official Name Of The State)
Approval of the amendment to the Title, Preamble and Section 3 of Article III of the Rhode Island Constitution set forth below will have the effect of changing the official name of the State from "State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations" to "State of Rhode Island":
2. Higher Education Facilities Bonds $78,000,000
Approval of this question will allow the State of Rhode Island to issue general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes in an amount not to exceed sixty-one million dollars ($61,000,000) for the construction of a new chemistry building at the University of Rhode Island, and seventeen million dollars ($17,000,000) for the renovation and construction of an addition to the Art Center at Rhode Island College.
3. Transportation Bonds $84,700,000
Approval Of This Question Will Authorize The State Of Rhode Island To Issue General Obligation Bonds, Refunding Bonds, And Temporary Notes In An Amount Not To Exceed Eighty Million Dollars ($80,000,000) To Match Federal Funds And Provide Direct Funding For Improvements To The State'S Highways, Roads And Bridges And Four Million Seven Hundred Thousand Dollars ($4,700,000) To Purchase And/Or Rehabilitate Buses For The Rhode Island Public Transit Authority'S Bus Fleet
4. Open Space And Recreation Bonds $14,700,000
Approval of this question will authorize the State of Rhode Island to issue general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes in an amount not to exceed ten million dollars ($10,000,000) for the purpose of acquiring title to all or a portion of land in and around the former Rocky Point Park for the purpose of establishing the same as a public park, and three million two hundred thousand dollars ($3,200,000) for the purpose of transferring title to 25 India Street, Providence, Rhode Island 02903 from the department of transportation to the department of environmental management, with the funds to be used to reimburse the US federal highway administration for the market value of the property preserving the same as open space and for recreation, and to further issue general obligation bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes in an amount not to exceed one million five hundred thousand dollars ($1,500,000) for the purpose of improvements and renovations to Fort Adams State Park in the city of Newport dedicated to the preservation and public accessibility of the Fort.
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