Election Contests and Ballot Measures

November 8, 2016 Rhode Island General Election

Rhode Island

Note: Candidate pictures are the most current we have on file. Because this is a past election, they may not show a candidate’s likeness at the time of the election and some of the links to websites, emails, and social media may be broken.
US President & Vice President (Rhode Island)
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Donald Trump - R
Mike Pence - R
Hillary Clinton - D
Timothy M. Kaine - D
Gary Johnson - L
William F. "Bill" Weld - R
Jill E. Stein - G
Ajamu Baraka - G
Roque "Rocky" De La Fuente - I
Michael Steinberg
US House of Representatives
US Representative District 1
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David N. Cicilline - D
Harold Russell Taub - R
US Representative District 2
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Salvatore G. Caiozzo - I
Jeffrey C. Johnson - I
James R. Langevin - D
Rhue R. Reis - R
Rhode Island Senate
State Senator District 1
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Jeffrey Orlando Caminero - R
Maryellen Goodwin - D
State Senator District 2
Ana B. Quezada - D
State Senator District 3
Gayle L. Goldin - D
State Senator District 4
Dominick J. Ruggerio - D
State Senator District 5
Paul V. Jabour - D
State Senator District 6
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Harold M. Metts - D
Russell C. Hryzan - I
State Senator District 7
Frank A. Ciccone, III - D
State Senator District 8
James E. Doyle, II - D
State Senator District 9
State Senator District 10
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Walter S. Felag, Jr. - D
Jarrod E. Hazard - I
State Senator District 11
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James Arthur Seveney - D
John A. Pagliarini, Jr. - R
State Senator District 12
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Amy E. Veri - R
Louis P. Dipalma - D
State Senator District 13
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Sav Rebecchi - I
Teresa M. Paiva-Weed - D
State Senator District 14
Daniel DaPonte - D
State Senator District 15
Donna M. Nesselbush - D
State Senator District 16
Elizabeth A. Crowley - D
State Senator District 17
Compare the candidates
Thomas J. Paolino - R
Jina N. Petrarca-Karampetsos - D
State Senator District 18
William J. Conley, Jr. - D
State Senator District 19
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Billy J. Charette - R
Ryan William Pearson - D
State Senator District 20
Roger A. Picard - D
State Senator District 21
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Nicholas D. Kettle - R
Margaux S. Morisseau - D
State Senator District 22
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Brent Andrew Barrows - R
Stephen R. Archambault - D
State Senator District 23
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Stephen N. Rawson - R
Paul W. Fogarty - D
State Senator District 24
Marc A. Cote - D
State Senator District 25
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Frank Lombardo, III - D
Louis Vinagro, Jr. - I
State Senator District 26
State Senator District 27
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Jonathan J. Keith - R
Hanna M. Gallo - D
State Senator District 28
Joshua Miller - D
State Senator District 29
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Michael J. McCaffrey - D
Ronald A. Loparto - I
State Senator District 30
Jeanine Calkin - D
State Senator District 31
Erin Lynch Prata - D
State Senator District 32
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James A. Kazounis - R
Cynthia Armour Coyne - D
State Senator District 33
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Leonidas P. Raptakis - D
Scott R. Copley - I
State Senator District 34
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Catherine Cool Rumsey - D
Elaine J. Morgan - R
State Senator District 35
Mark W. Gee - R
State Senator District 36
State Senator District 37
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V. Susan Sosnowski - D
Sven P. Soderberg - I
State Senator District 38
Dennis L. Algiere - R
Rhode Island House
State Representative District 1
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Edith H. Ajello - D
Raymond M. Mathieu - I
State Representative District 2
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Mark G. Teoli - R
Christopher R. Blazejewski - D
State Representative District 3
Moira Jayne Walsh - D
State Representative District 4
J. Aaron Regunberg - D
State Representative District 5
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Roland Joseph Lavallee - R
Marcia Ranglin-Vassell - D
State Representative District 6
Raymond A. Hull - D
State Representative District 7
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Daniel P. McKiernan - D
Grant A. Van Eck - I
State Representative District 8
State Representative District 9
Anastasia P. Williams - D
State Representative District 10
Scott Slater - D
State Representative District 11
Grace Diaz - D
State Representative District 12
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Joseph S. Almeida, Jr. - D
Luis A. Vargas - I
State Representative District 13
State Representative District 14
Charlene Lima - D
State Representative District 15
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Steven Frias - R
Nicholas Anthony Mattiello - D
Patrick E. Vallier - I
State Representative District 16
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Robert B. Lancia - R
Christopher T. Millea - D
State Representative District 17
Robert B. Jacquard - D
State Representative District 18
State Representative District 19
Compare the candidates
Joseph M. McNamara - D
David D. Mastriano - I
State Representative District 20
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David A. Bennett - D
Daniel Elliott - I
State Representative District 21
Compare the candidates
Michael W. Penta - R
Camille F. Vella-Wilkinson - D
Michael L. Underwood - I
Andrew C. Knutton - I
State Representative District 22
Compare the candidates
Joseph J. Solomon, Jr. - D
Elizabeth K. Smith - I
State Representative District 23
K. Joseph Shekarchi - D
State Representative District 24
Compare the candidates
Stacia Huyler - R
Evan P. Shanley - D
State Representative District 25
Jared R. Nunes - D
State Representative District 26
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Patricia L. Morgan - R
Anthony J. Paolino - D
Vincent Marzullo - I
State Representative District 27
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Patricia A. Serpa - D
Mark E. Bourget - I
State Representative District 28
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Robert A. Nardolillo - R
Ryan M. Hall - D
State Representative District 29
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Lisa P. Tomasso - D
Sherry Roberts - R
State Representative District 30
Antonio Giarrusso - R
State Representative District 31
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Michael Paul Marfeo - R
Julie A. Casimiro - D
State Representative District 32
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Mark S. Zaccaria - R
Robert E. Craven, Sr. - D
State Representative District 33
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Douglas J. Buonanno - I
Carol Hagan McEntee - D
State Representative District 34
Teresa Ann Tanzi - D
State Representative District 35
Compare the candidates
Kathleen A. Fogarty - D
Bruce K. Waidler - I
State Representative District 36
Blake Anthony Filippi - I
State Representative District 37
Samuel A. Azzinaro - D
State Representative District 38
Compare the candidates
Michael James Geary - I
Brian Patrick Kennedy - D
State Representative District 39
Compare the candidates
Justin Price - R
Larry Valencia - D
State Representative District 40
Compare the candidates
Michael W. Chippendale - R
Joseph D. Cardillo - D
State Representative District 41
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Robert J. Quattrocchi - R
Michael J. Marcello - D
State Representative District 42
Stephen R. Ucci - D
State Representative District 43
Compare the candidates
Deborah A. Fellela - D
Karin N. Gorman - I
State Representative District 44
Gregory J. Costantino - D
State Representative District 45
Compare the candidates
Ronald Rossi - R
Mia A. Ackerman - D
Paul W. Santoro - I
State Representative District 46
Compare the candidates
Jeremiah T. O'Grady - D
Paul J. Didomenico - I
John J. Cullen - I
Bradley J. Collins - I
State Representative District 47
State Representative District 48
State Representative District 49
Michael A. Morin - D
State Representative District 50
Stephen M. Casey - D
State Representative District 51
Robert D. Phillips - D
State Representative District 52
Compare the candidates
Lisa M. Cannon - R
Alex D. Marszalkowski - D
State Representative District 53
Compare the candidates
Stephanie L. Westgate - R
Thomas J. Winfield - D
State Representative District 54
William W. O'Brien - D
State Representative District 55
Arthur J. Corvese - D
State Representative District 56
Shelby Maldonado - D
State Representative District 57
James N. McLaughlin - D
State Representative District 58
Compare the candidates
Carlos E. Tobon - D
Jonathan Vallecilla - I
State Representative District 59
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Jean Philippe Barros - D
Andrew E. Maguire - I
Lori J. Barden - I
State Representative District 60
State Representative District 61
Compare the candidates
Raymond H. Johnston, Jr. - D
James W. Obenchain - I
State Representative District 62
Mary Duffy Messier - D
State Representative District 63
Compare the candidates
Christopher J. Holland - R
Katherine S. Kazarian - D
State Representative District 64
State Representative District 65
Gregg Amore - D
State Representative District 66
Joy Hearn - D
State Representative District 67
Compare the candidates
Jason Knight - D
Daryl Gould - I
State Representative District 68
Compare the candidates
Kenneth A. Marshall - D
William James Hunt, Jr. - L
State Representative District 69
Compare the candidates
Antonio F. Avila - R
Susan R. Donovan - D
Analee A. Berretto - I
State Representative District 70
John G. Edwards - D
State Representative District 71
Compare the candidates
Dennis M. Canario - D
Justin W. La Croix - R
State Representative District 72
Compare the candidates
Linda Dill Finn - D
Kenneth J. Mendonca - R
State Representative District 73
Marvin L. Abney - D
State Representative District 74
Compare the candidates
Rebecca Schiff - R
Deborah L. Ruggiero - D
State Representative District 75
Compare the candidates
Lauren H. Carson - D
Michael W. Smith - I
Referendums and Ballot Measures
1. STATE CONSTITUTIONAL APPROVAL: Approval of an act authorizing state-operated casino gaming at “Twin River-Tiverton” in the Town of Tiverton
Shall an act be approved which would authorize a facility owned by Twin River-Tiverton, LLC, located in the Town of Tiverton at the intersection of William S. Canning Boulevard and Stafford Road, to be licensed as a pari-mutuel facility and offer state-operated video-lottery games and state-operated casino gaming, such as table games?
2. AMENDMENT TO THE CONSTITUTION OF THE STATE: Restoration of ethics commission jurisdiction over General Assembly members
Section 8. Ethics commission - Code of ethics. - The general assembly shall establish an independent non-partisan ethics commission which shall adopt a code of ethics including, but not limited to, provisions on conflicts of interest, confidential information, use of position, contracts with government agencies and financial disclosure. The assent of two-thirds (2/3) of the members appointed shall be required for the adoption for every rule or regulation. All elected and appointed officials and employees of state and local government, of boards, commissions and agencies shall be subject to the code of ethics. The ethics commission shall have the authority to investigate alleged violations of the code of ethics, including acts otherwise protected by Article VI, Section 5, and to impose penalties, as provided by law;. and theAny sanction issued against any party by the ethics commission shall be appealable to the judicial branch as provided by law. The commission shall have the power to remove from office officials who are not otherwise subject to impeachment, or expulsion as provided by Article VI, Section 7.Section 5 of Article VI of the Constitution shall be amended to read as follows: Section 5. Immunities of general assembly members. - The persons of all members of the general assembly shall be exempt from arrest and their estates from attachment in any civil action, during the session of the general assembly, and two days before the commencement and two days after the termination thereof, and all process served contrary hereto shall be void. For any speech in debate in either house, no member shall be questioned in any other place, except by the ethics commission as set forth in Article III, Section 8.Approval of the amendments to Section 8 of Article III and Section 5 of Article VI of the Rhode Island Constitution set forth above will restore the jurisdiction of the ethics commission over members of the General Assembly.
Questions 3 - 7: Authorizing the issuance of bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes of the state for the capital projects
Shall the action of the General Assembly, by an act passed at the January 2016 session, authorizing the issuance of bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes of the state for the capital projects and in the amount with respect to each such project listed below (Questions 3 - 7) be approved, and the issuance of bonds, refunding bonds, and temporary notes authorized in accordance with the provisions of said act?
3. Veterans Home Bonds - $27,000,000
For the construction of a new Veterans Home and renovations of existing facilities.
4. Leveraging Higher Education to Create 21st Century Jobs Bonds - $45,500,000
To make capital investments in higher education-related projects, to be allocated as follows:(a) University of Rhode Island College of Engineering $25,500,000(b) University of Rhode Island Affiliated Innovation Campus Program $20,000,000
5. Port Infrastructure Bonds - $70,000,000
For port infrastructure projects, to be allocated as follows:(a) Port of Davisville Infrastructure at Quonset $50,000,000(b) Port of Providence Infrastructure $20,000,000
6. Green Economy Bonds $35,000,000
For environmental and recreation purposes, to be allocated as follows:(a) Historic State Park Development Program $4,000,000(b) State Land Acquisition Program $4,000,000(c) State Bikeway Development Program $10,000,000(d) Brownfield Remediation and Economic Development $5,000,000(e) Stormwater Pollution Prevention Program $3,000,000(f) Local Recreation Development Matching Grant Program $5,000,000(g) Local Land Acquisition Matching Grant Program $4,000,000
7. Housing Opportunity Bonds - $50,000,000
For affordable housing, urban revitalization, and blight remediation, to be allocated as follows:(a) Affordable Housing Development $40,000,000(b) Urban Revitalization and Blight Remediation $10,000,000
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